A unified control surface for all your Audio Plug-Ins

The complete platform for controlling Audio Plug-Ins, delivering customization, high performance and reliability.

Download Agent

Complete Customization

AGENT is designed to bring an unprecedented visual and control customization.

Full Plugin Support

It handles all Plug-In formats, and is designed to work instantly with hundreds of Audio Plug-Ins.

Platform Agnostic

Agent can run anywhere, on any PC & Mac Audio Workstation including ProTools, Logic, and Ableton Live.

Owen Garrett

Agent allows musicians to create the ultimate channel strip, create a preset of it, and take it to any DAW, it became my only loaded plugin.

Jeff Baumet, Nyrv Head of Products

Get Started in 2 Minutes

  1. Start AGENT

    After installing AGENT, load it in your favorite DAW.

  2. Add Your License to AGENT

    Using the included Nyrv License Manager, login and drag your demo license to your computer.

  3. Enjoy your full featured 7 days trial

    ...and when you're convinced that AGENT is for you, just buy it and we will deposit a license valid for up to 5 computers.